Artificial intelligence technology in WhatsApp

Artificial intelligence technology has also been fielded by the popular WhatsApp company. As social networking apps are increasing day by day, WhatsApp is introducing various features to retain its users.

WhatsApp is the app with the most users worldwide. Not only this, WhatsApp has emerged as the most important telecommunication application. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook’s parent company Meta last year. After the acquisition of Meta WhatsApp, WhatsApp has been continuously making various drastic changes. In this situation, new updates have been introduced in the WhatsApp application on behalf of Meta Company.

Now AI technology is permeating everywhere. In that way, this technology has also come to WhatsApp. Following the success of Sat GBD, Artificial Intelligence technology is dominating all fields. The new artificial intelligence technique is named Meta AI.

WhatsApp itself has officially announced that 3 types of actions can be performed with the help of the new meta technique. New stickers can be created with the help of Meta company’s new artificial intelligence technology.

If you need information about any field, ask Meta AI and it will share the data on WhatsApp itself.Not only this but with the help of the technique of photorealistic image generation, photos can be modified to suit the new idea.


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